What to Expect

Hiring a Professional Organizer can seem overwhelming, and that's totally understandable!  You are trusting a total stranger to come in and handle the things that are near and dear to you and some that you just want to go away as quickly as possible.  Let's break it down into manageable steps...

  • Let's Chat .- We'll start with a 30 complimentary phone consultation.  You can send us some pictures, and if we think we have enough info, then we're ready to start at your home.  For larger projects, we do recommend an on-site visit first.

  • In-Home Consultation - We usually do this for larger jobs.  We can identify the problem areas and suggest the best direction based on your timeframe, budget, and needs.  Then we set dates for our sessions.

  • Our Appointments - Now the fun starts.   We get to working on your goals and review product purchases.  We don't purchase or discard anything without your approval.

  • What We do With the Stuff - We will happily take your items to donation free of charge!  

  • The Reward - You get to relax and enjoy your beautiful space.

A Message About COVID-19

The safety of our clients and our employees have always been our first priority.  We encourage open communication between us and our clients concerning any current or ongoing health issues.  This has always been part of our initial consultation so we can cater our sessions to any limitations on the part of our clients.  While we are encouraging virtual sessions, we realize that it is not always possible. During any in-home sessions, we will ask and take precautions necessary to keep our clients and organizers safe and healthy.