​​What to Expect & FAQ's

The Starting Point

To get started, I find a phone conversation works best to discuss which areas of your life you want to address.  Don't know where to start?  You're not alone!  The Services section can give you ideas, and we will have time to go over your concerns on the phone.

The Consultation

Most consultations take 60 - 90 minutes.  During this time we will identify what your concerns are so we can create a customized plan for your situation.  Even if you decide not to move forward, you will receive personalized recommendations for your environment.

The Sessions

Sessions are a minimum of 6 hours to start a project.  We find this works best to build momentum and to learn the client's environment.  After, we will customize time to finish or do maintenance as you require.   There are times when we need to work together with our clients present more than others.  If you want to learn to be organized as a life improvement, we encourage you to be part of the process. There are some projects where it's not always necessary.  We recognize everyone's situation is different which is why we customize each experience. 


Think you can't afford an organizer?  Sometimes we pay for ourselves.  We've found checks, gift certificates, and that special something you wrote off as lost!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to prepare?

For the most part, nothing!   Many people want to tidy up to make things look nicer.   It's best for me to see what I have to work with to give you a realistic idea of a plan moving forward.  

Do you offer confidentiality?

Yes! As a member of NAPO, I adhere to a code of ethics that include confidentiality.  If there are items that you are concerned with me seeing, please discuss this with me ahead of time.  I want you to be completely comfortable with me in your home.

Will you make me throw away things?

No, not all.  I will ask you to reconsider your decisions to keep things after a point.  Letting go is a process, but what is yours is yours.  We will discuss the best way for you to manage your belongings.

Do I have to work with you?

There are times when you won't need to, but that all depends on the work.  I need guidance on what you want to keep and how you want to manage your possessions moving forward.  You also may want help staying organized, and the best way to learn is by working alongside me.  I won't discard anything without your permission, so it's best to have you there as much as possible.  

How long does it take to be organized?

Each job is different, and it really depends on the client.  For some clients, there's more of an emotional attachment to items and for others, not as much.  I wish I could give a specific answer to each individual.  A lot has to do with how each client adapts to the process and participates in organizing.  As I we develop a work style together, things mover faster.

What do we do with the items I don't want to keep?

I will take items to donate that can fit in my car or that can fit in your car.  I am happy to make recommendations for places to consign clothing that is new or like new.

Don't see your question here?

Please call!  I'm happy to answer any of your questions.  You'll never know if you don't ask!

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